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Latest Books

Book- Cases on Start-ups and Enterprise Out in 2024!

Cases on Start-up and Enterprise, is a compendium of case studies edited by Dr Emily Beaumont on start-up and enterprise from around the world.  Each case study is situated in its geographic location and gives insight into the start-up and enterprise journey experienced by individuals and groups in this area.  To that end, it will capture the political, economic, and social characteristics of each region and their interplay with start-up and enterprise.  The aim of the book is to offer those teaching in this space a range of international case studies to service the global perspective now required in Higher Education.  Each case study will be consistent in terms of structure and layout so that teachers can become familiar with the format, and subsequently comfortable and confident in their use of them.   

Book- Contemporary Enterprise and Entrepreneurship in Context Out in 2024!

‘Contemporary Applied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship in Context’ is the debut volume for the Routledge Research in Applied Enterprise & Entrepreneurship book series (AEES). Edited by Dr Emily Beaumont, Dr Jenny Hall, Dr Mark Marrington, and Russ Hepworth this foundational book in the AEES series aims to bring together key discourses concerning enterprise and entrepreneurship in context. The book aims to source and assemble contextualised practitioner accounts of enterprise and entrepreneurship and situate these, in relation to relevant existing or emergent theory.

Out now! Extracurricular Enterprise and Entrepreneurship Activity: A Global and Holistic Perspective

This co-edited by book Dr Sarah Preedy and Dr Emily Beaumont reviews the growth and development of enterprise and entrepreneurship extracurricular activities within Higher Education Institutions globally. It considers the form these activities take, their appeal and role, their resourcing and challenges, alongside innovative and impactful practices in design and delivery. This book will bring together multiple angles on extracurricular enterprise activities, including academic, practitioner and policy perspectives, plugging the gap in the literature for a holistic review of these activities that incorporates viewpoints from across the globe while providing practical suggestions for improving teaching and learning.  ​ Want to view this book?  Click here.

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